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  • jaejaepapi:

    Interviewer: What do you guys think about each other on a regular base?

    YJ:”You have to be precise about human relationships, I think that instead of forming light friendships with anyone it’s better to meet few good people. I think a lot of people feel uncomfortable upon meeting me at first. If you are close to me, I talk a lot but before that I don’t approach you and I’m shy. People told me that after they became close to me. I have to fix that.”

    Staraz Magazine interview| Volume 22 | © 
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  • Infographic : B.A.P

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    Yongguk please

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    2014 has been such a bad year for kpop
    it needs to be over like now 

  • Kitty. 

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    Ok, Warrior by B.A.P just became my fave K-Pop MV ever

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